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Mysky Pets and Decor unique hand-woven cat house basket ticks all the boxes. Made with 100% natural materials, it is gentle on any pet's sensitive skin ideal for any eco-conscious pet parent, and the lidded top allows for versatile use as a cozy hideaway or a stylish storage solution.

Why Choose Our Handmade Cat House?

  • Traditional African Woven Art:

Our cozy cat bed is handcrafted by talented female artisans using traditional basketry techniques. With an eye-catching mix of modern and geometric patterns, it will be the focal point of any room.

  • Versatile Design For All Purpose:

Our elegant round shape with a lid cat house is perfect for any cat, but it can also serve as a toy, book, or clothes basket for the nursery or a chic organizer for your makeup, school, or craft supplies. Durable and easy to clean.

  • A Thoughtful Gift For All Occasions:

Surprise your loved ones on their special day with our unique cat bed. It's an excellent pet gift, housewarming present, wedding gift, holiday gift, or birthday gift that shows you care.

Size: W*H


  • Give Your Customers Options To Customize Colors and Size.
  • Measurements are in inches.
  • Made in remote regions of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Our products are made from all natural materials like banana fibers, raffia, and papyrus.
  • Colors are made from organic dyes like vegetables and fruits.
  • Each basket will have a picture of the artisan who weaved it.
  • All our baskets are handwoven: Vary slightly in color and size.


Pease if you need marketing materials let us know.

For those retailers that want to dropship only custom products, you can place your custom order here. Will cost 600 USD.

  • Will have behind-the-scenes videos
  • Products images
  • Lifestyle images
  • Product videos
  • 12 new basket designs just tell us your niche.
  • Shipping cost
  • Deadline cut-off is 27 December 2023.
  • All baskets will be shipped by January 20, 2024.

Pemba Eco-Friendly Cat House!

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